Arfor: Creu Gwaith - Cefnogi'r Iaith

ARFOR is a Programme working across Anglesey, Gwynedd, Ceredigion and Carmarthenshire.

The purpose of the Programme is to support the creation of more and better paid jobs in the areas with a high proportion of Welsh speakers to encourage resilience and growth of the Welsh Language.

It is a £2,000,000 Programme funded by the Welsh Government. The Programme is operated by the Councils of Isle of Anglesey, Gwynedd, Ceredigion and Carmarthenshire. The Programme will be operational until March 2021.

ARFOR is an innovation fund and the aim is to learn lessons for the future. The Councils have created a number of projects which meet the objectives of ARFOR through:


A financial support package for businesses in Carmarthenshire targeting the food and creative sectors.


Fund to be operational across Ceredigion through two support packages Venture in Business and Growth is the Aim. This is to support enterprises in a number of sectors to promote entrepreneurship, create jobs and increase the use of the Welsh Language.


In Gwynedd a number of projects will be developed to support job creation, which includes support for business growth in communities to keep monies local. Create a space for new jobs and to encourage young people to stay or return to the County.


On the Isle of Angelsey attention will be given to supporting businesses to develop their use of the Welsh Language, support enterprises to grow and to encourage young people to stay or return to the County.

During the ARFOR scheme, the counties will also be working in partnership on a number of activities. A contract has been let on behalf of the four Counties to evaluate activties and create a new stragegy for the western region for the future.

The Bwrlwm Busnes project will contain a welcome package to the Welsh Language to elevate the work and appreciation of the Welsh Language across the region by raising awarness to businesses of the opportunities and importance of the lanuage to our communities.

For further information, please visit the pages on earch County's websites through the links highlighted or e-mail

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